2017 NARSAD Independent Investigator Award from the Behavior and Brain Research Foundation

2016 Chair of Scientific Working Group producing the report “Technologies for the Analysis of the Human Brain” for the Spanish National Institute for Health (Instituto Salud Carlos III). Click here for pdf of the report (in Spanish)

2014 Director, Department of Neuroimaging, Alzheimer’s Disease Centre of the Reina Sofia-CIEN Foundation, Madrid

2013 Faculty, Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Madrid M+Vision Consortium (Read about M+Vision in Science Magazine)

2011 Launch of Laboratory for Clinical Neuroscience, CTB-UPM, Madrid

2010 I3 Professorship Program Grant from Spanish Ministry of Science and Education

2007 Membership to Royal College of Physicians (UK)

2004 M.B. B. S. University College London Medical School

2003 Ph.D. Imaging the Functions of Human Hippocampus

Wellcome Department of Cognitive Neurology, Institute of Neurology

supervised by Professor Ray Dolan FRS and Professor Karl Friston FRS

1997 Neuroscience B.Sc. University of Bristol

supervised by Professor Graham Collingridge FRS